About us

AlianTrucks, Trailers and Car export company is a Belgium based company at the port of Antwerp specialised in re-conditioning and sale of Ex-Military equipment for re-use in all branches of industry, transport, agriculture and mining.

We will always recommend Ex-Military vehicules, this vehicules have a low mileage and are made more stronger than commercial vehicules. Every truck comes with spare tyre, new batteries and jack kit. They will be painted at the colour of your choice.


Aliantrucks has started with providing new trucks, Beiben North Benz with Mercedes Benz Technology and labeled by our own company, so strongness is garanteed.

Also Dongfeng, the prefered Chinese military brand and Iveco, King Kang trucks, can new be delivered, for our excisting clients we do rental and have our service points all over Africa.


With the availability of over 700 ex-military vehicules and the cooperation with Beiben North Benz trucks AlianTrucks can offer you the best possibility and a wide range of trucks, trailers and cars.


Please feel free to browse our website, if you can't find what you need or you have speciale desires, we can customize your truck.


We can exclusive deliver NEW trucks, with military and exotic specifications, please contact us for more information. Also new cars can be delivered at your desires at a very good price.


We stand for Quality, Trust and Service to make sure we deliver you the best available trucks, cars and equipment.


Every email will be answered within 24hours.


We have agents in Sierra Leone, Senegal and Ghana.


Kind regards and welcome to AlianTrucks


Alan & Ian Meesschaert